Video Marketing Austin Strategy – The First Focus

“Start with the END in mind” – quoted by Stephen Covery
Be it a small, medium to large enterprise; many organizations are discovering one of the most accessible marketing tool – video marketing austin in social media.

However, many often made the mistake of thinking “more is better” and going into all the nitty-gritty details of how to produce a video such as what equipment to use, the format or how to export it.
In this article, we will not focus on the technical details but how to optimize what one of the most if not the most popular online channel – You Tube and also some useful tips to keep in mind.

video marketing austin
video marketing austin

First and foremost, we have to ask ourselves one simple question. What is our video marketing strategy? We have to figure out and have a video marketing strategy in place before worrying about the details of how to do it.

To help us, we need to remember two important components to making a good video:
1) We need to get traffic. Not just any, but increment in what we may already have in place.
2) We need to get conversions. By conversions, it does not simply mean people clicking on the video. We need to be target-focus.

We want a specific market/ prospects drawn to our website. From there, we want to convert them to customers; opt-in, register for free trial, send in inquiries, make purchases. That is conversion.

How do we do that? Most people would go on Google search and hey, they stumble on some interesting videos. And where are these videos usually found? You Tube. That is right. You Tube has now over 3 billion views daily and to not leverage on this channel, it would be a pity.
Successful bloggers, online reviewers as such have their slice of this amazingly useful tool. Why shouldn’t we?

But wait. We mentioned earlier about avoiding “the more the better” notion also known as viral video. Why? Why not have the more the merrier? Chances are people may stumble on our video – someday.
That is not what we aim for. Simply because it is more work. Imagine churning out videos endlessly or should I say, mindlessly. If after a few months, you do not get any views, you are trapped, lost and have no idea where to go from there. And by doing viral videos, you are succumbing to the time-sensitivity issue. One day you are “in”, the next week you are “out”. People will always hunt for what is most trendy and most watched at the moment and then your video is no longer the “IT” thing.

So, what are we aiming for?
We want our videos to pop up everywhere in Google search, in You Tube; every time our prospects go hunting for what they need online.
In order to achieve that, we must first know our market and unearth our keywords.

Take the time to do some research, speak to some of the current clients you already have, it will be easier to find out the ideal keywords that your potential customers are searching online daily.

At Google, there is the keyword research tool. It is a good place to start. Play with the words, key them in, spend some time investigating and come up with a list of ideal keywords and then you can create an optimized video around those keywords.

Then focus on creating the very first “masterpiece”. The one you will put most of your efforts, your resources and planning into.

Once this hits the hot spot, we should keep up with the pace. Do not just stop here. Start looking at the entire campaign or it may be seasonal; depending on products and services. Go through all your materials, photos, videos that sit at the library and ensure that videos are uploaded consistently and regularly. Set a timeline for this and work towards achieving the goal.

As one professional mentioned, 80% of the traffic will come from perhaps, 20% of the videos uploaded online. If we have materials up on a regular basis, we will start coming up at the top under Google search, inside You Tube and related trending videos as well.

Last but not least, remember the quote from Stephen Covery. Look at the big picture and do not get overly anxious on the smallest details when planning your video marketing strategy. We do not want to churn out just any video; we want efficient messages that gives us effective results with minimal effort at the end of the day.