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  • The Goblin Emperor is a 2014 fantasy novel written by the American author Sarah Monette under the pseudonym Katherine Addison. The novel received the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel and was nominated for the Nebula , Hugo and World
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  • Maia is the child of the current emperor of the Elflands, but not a favored one. Hes the half-goblin son of a political marriage to a goblin princess, quickly orphaned away from the capital and kept in seclusion well out of the way of his father and
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  • WARNING: This review is pretty long (and also quite boring). I didn’t write a novel on purpose, there were just so many aspects I felt like I needed to mention. OKAY!“After a time, he felt a deeper rhythm, the rhythm of the stone and water, not the
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  • While properly billed as a fantasy, Katherine Addisons "The Goblin Emperor" is also a satisfying psychological novel about a young man thrust into the most difficult job in his world, uncertain if he has either the shoulders or the stomach
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  • Emperor Sira Drazhar , or  Edrehasivar the Seventh  is the first son of Chenelo Drazharan , daughter of the Great Avar, Maru . He is also the unloved fourth son of Emperor Varenechibel IV . He currently resides in The Untheileneise Court , as
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  • M onths after GamerGate first set video game culture ablaze with unbelievable resistance to the idea of feminist perspectives in the gaming industry, we have a new title that features some of the most compelling female characters in pop culture. Batman:
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